This script allows you to rotate the deformation of one object relative to another. This can be useful when you model a combination dataPoint for a BCS setup and you want to redirect a certain movement into a different direction.

If you don’t know what a BCS is or want more information about it, see its download page at:

I will use a simple example to explain this tool. Let’s say you have a plane and two simple targets A and B:

Base PlaneTarget ATarget B


Target A adds some structure. B rotates part of the plane about 45 degrees. When you use both at once, you get their pure addition.

Default Mix


This is what we don’t want! To correct this, we can use the bcs to create a combination. But instead of modeling it by hand, we’ll use the Rotate Deltas tool to correct the mix with just a few mouse clicks.

Corrected Mix


Notice that the structure is now rotated to fit the new orientation of the plane.