Table of Contents

A.1 General
How do I best learn using the BCS?
Where can I get more information about FACS?
Will my BCS weights show up in the Blend Shape Editor just like my Blend Shape targets?
Will the BCS and the mirroring tools work with NURBS curves?
Why do I have to create a weightPosition to connect a dataPoint with my weight?
Why do I have to model a bilateral target? Can’t I create the left and right versions in the first place?
Is it possible to show the relative version of a dataPoint while we edit the absolute one?
Will I be able to add layers of deformation (e.g. a cluster) on top of the BCS?
A.2 Typical Issues and Problems
I have deleted my dataPoint geometry and now I want to make further changes to the dataPoint. Is this possible?
I have accidentally pulled on vertices of the base mesh and nothing happened?
After loading a scene the next day, some vertices have moved all over the place!?!
When I have an inbetween for a weight, my combinations don’t work as they should.
Why doesn’t my object look like the dataPoint I’ve modeled? I mean, I’m sure only one dataPoint is active and it’s reached to 100%. Shouldn’t the deformation result in exactly this and only this dataPoint?
I have combination dataPoints, some of which have edit geometry. When I change some of the plain dataPoints, the combinations seem to get corrupted.
Why does my relative dataPoint keep its values as if it was absolute?
When I paint the BCS, some vertices disappear into the center of the screen!
A.3 Plugin/Node/Command
Do I have to install the BCS plugin on every machine to be able to open a scene with a BCS node in it?
A.4 How To…
How to create a new BCS setup?
How to add objects as targets?
How to setup the jaw?
How to rename a weight/dataPoint?
How to do automatic left-right separation?
How to create an inbetween?