I have accidentally pulled on vertices of the base mesh and nothing happened?

You have Freeze Input turned on. Turn it off to see what you have done with your base mesh. The description in the link also has some hints on how to undo unwanted changes to the base.

After loading a scene the next day, some vertices have moved all over the place!?!

This is the same Freeze Input issue as above and it has the same solution.

When I have an inbetween for a weight, my combinations don’t work as they should.

This happens when the inbetween weightPosition is on layer 0. Simply move the inbetween wPos to layer 1 and your combinations should behave correctly.

Note that you should show the edit geometry of your inbetween dataPoint(s) before changing the layer in order to preserve its current shape.

Why doesn’t my object look like the dataPoint I’ve modeled? I mean, I’m sure only one dataPoint is active and it’s reached to 100%. Shouldn’t the deformation result in exactly this and only this dataPoint?

Actually, there are a number of reasons your object might look differently:

  • The envelope isn’t set to 1.

  • You have painted your BCS node with values other than 1. In this case, just paint your BCS and flood with value 1, operation replace, and opacity 1.

  • The object you’ve modeled isn’t the absolute but the relative object of the dataPoint. In this case, it just represents the correction on top of the dataPoint’s pure mix.

  • You have a complicated weightPosition configuration and the dataPoint isn’t reached alone or not to 100%.

I have combination dataPoints, some of which have edit geometry. When I change some of the plain dataPoints, the combinations seem to get corrupted.

What happens here is a bit complicated to explain, but in fact it is just what should happen. You are probably showing the absolute edit geometry of the combinations. This means that they behave as if they were absolute, no matter in what mode they actually are. So, any changes to the plain dataPoints (those that influence the pure mix of your combinations) are corrected by the combinations. If some of the combinations have geometry and others don’t, you can really mess up their correction when you change dataPoints that influence them all. The easiest way to avoid this is to ensure all combinations are relative and don’t have any edit geometry before making changes to the plain dataPoints.

Why does my relative dataPoint keep its values as if it was absolute?

You certainly have edit geometry for this dataPoint. Edit geometry always overrides the mode of the dataPoint with its own mode.

When I paint the BCS, some vertices disappear into the center of the screen!

This happens when you use a Wacom tablet with the Wacom mouse instead of a pen. If Maya finds a tablet, it enables Stylus Pressure by default. To solve this, simply disable Stylus Pressure in the Tool Settings window.

On a side note, the same problem occurs when painting cluster weights, Blend Shapes, etc.. This seems to be a Maya bug, at least in 7.0.1.