I get the following error while painting:
// Error: DPK_paintDeform_svc 0 558 -1.#IND00; //
// Error: Line 1.30: Syntax error //

This is a Maya bug (at least in 7.0.1) that occurs when you use a Wacom tablet with the Wacom mouse instead of a pen. If Maya finds a tablet, it enables Stylus Pressure by default. To solve this, simply disable Stylus Pressure in the Tool Settings window.

Can I paint NURBS and SubD geometry too?

No, currently only polygonal objects can be used.

Can you make this tool faster?

Heh… sure, when I find the time to implement the tool using the Maya API.

I paint but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

This is often the case when you paint with the mouse while Stylus Pressure is enabled. Just disable Stylus Pressure in the Tool Settings window.

If this doesn’t work, make sure you’re in the Paint Scripts Tool (press the Enter Tool button) and set Opacity to e.g. 1. Also, set Paint Operation to Replace and the Value to e.g. 1.

If it still isn’t doing anything, take a look at the Setup part in the Tool Settings window. The following scripts should be listed:

    Tool Setup Cmd: DPK_paintDeform_tsc
    Initialize Cmd: DPK_paintDeform_ic
      Finalize Cmd: DPK_paintDeform_fc
     Set Value Cmd: DPK_paintDeform_svc

The other fields should be empty.