Toggle View and Toggle Smoothing setups allow you to switch between different views of a reference object and your work-in-progress object with the press of a key.

This is especially useful when modeling Blend Shape targets or BCS dataPoint geometry, since you can quickly toggle between the object you’re modeling and the resulting outcome of the setup. Together with an AnimUI or similar setup, you get a very fast and convenient workflow for evaluating and tweaking your modeling.

What the Setup Does

When creating a Toggle View setup, a specified object will be duplicated and is moved to a different position in the scene. When triggered, the setup moves a previously specified camera by the same distance—without altering its orientation or relative position to the object—so that you get the impression the objects have been swapped.

The Toggle Smoothing setup is an optional part of a Toggle View setup. If enabled upon creation, the duplicated object will be smoothed. This smoothing can then be switched on and off separately.

You use hotkeys to toggle the setups. Please see 10.2 Installation for how to set up these hotkeys. When you trigger one of the two setups, a so called scriptNode is executed. This node belongs to the setup and is created as part of it.


Note that usage of these setups works outside the undo-queue, so that you can toggle as much as you like without cluttering the undo history.

Why use such a tool?

When modeling Blend Shape targets, the final shape is not the only important thing. It is often vital that an individual vertex moves logically in relation to its surrounding vertices when the target is blended in and out. Achieving this can be quite difficult and time-consuming.

This is even more so for combination dataPoints, because each vertex has to move in context not only from the neutral shape to the combination, but also from the participating dataPoints.

A simple example is the combination AU10+AU12. Here you should especially take care of the following movements:

  • AU10 <-> AU10+AU12

  • AU12 <-> AU10+AU12

You can imagine how involved this gets with a combination AU10+AU12+AU16+AU23+AU27 or even an inbetween-combination thereof…

Using a Toggle View setup, an AnimUI setup and the Paint Deform tool you can quickly identify and fix problematic vertex movements to achieve consistent deformation in all situations.