The required MEL scripts should already be installed after you’ve followed the BCS installation (see Chapter 2. Installation). The only thing left is to set up the hotkeys so that you can actually trigger the setups. To do this, follow these steps:

  • If you haven’t run DPK_registerHotkeys yet, run the MEL command DPK_toggleViewHotkeys to create just the Toggle View and Toggle Smoothing commands for the Hotkey Editor.

  • Open the Hotkey Editor (“Window->Settings/Preferences->Hotkeys…”) and select the User category.

  • In the Commands list, you should now find these two items:

    1. DPK_toggleView

    2. DPK_toggleSmoothing

  • Assign each of them a hotkey of your choice.

To toggle the state of a Toggle View setup, use the hotkey you have assigned to the DPK_toggleView command. The key you have assigned to DPK_toggleSmoothing will switch the smoothing on and off.