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Target Object

This is the object that will be used as reference when calculating the deltas. The Choose button puts the currently selected object into this field. You can also use the PaintDeform Marking Menu for quickly switching between different target objects while you’re painting.


The operation specifies how the deltas should be computed. There are currently two options:

  • Smooth Deltas
    With this operation, the painted vertices are moved so that the local structure of the specified Target Object is recreated.

  • Copy
    This will move the painted vertices to their original position in the specified Target Object. It is actually like painting a simple Blend Shape.

Enter Tool

This will enter artisan so that you can start painting. The Paint Scripts Tool’s Tool Settings window will also be opened, so that you can configure the opacity, value and other properties of artisan. The only possible paint operation is Replace (Add, Scale, and Smooth don’t make sense here).