The controls in this part of the UI are used to create new weights and to add weightPositions and wPosGrps to existing weights.


New weights can also be created by adding geometry as a new dataPoint with a weight.

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Create Weight

Creates a new weight with the specified name and bilateral state. Both can still be changed later on.

Create Weight Position

Creates a new weightPosition for every selected wPosGrp. If no wpg is selected but one or more weightPositions are, their wPosGrp is used. If neither a wpg nor a wp is selected but a weight is, the new weightPosition will be added to its last wpg.


To create an inbetween position, take a weight that has one wPos at position 1.0 and add a position at 0.5. I recommend placing the inbetween position on layer 1, so that its dataPoint (which should be created, of course) has a corrective effect on the deformation. If the inbetween dataPoint creates sort of an arced movement, use the arc interpolation for the 0.5 wPos.

Create Weight Position (new WPG)

Advanced Info

Similar to the operation above, but always creates the wPos in a new wPosGrp.